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Adapcit Uganda business and service departments operates independently. Therefore, legal section herein refer to Oscar Associated Advocates sets it policies to professionally give your affairs proper care, skill and attention.  We handle each assignment on a strict confidentiality basis. We will throughout do the handling of your matter rely on you to supply in a timely manner all information needed to act on your behalf and to tell us promptly of any relevant change in circumstances. Oscar Associated Advocates will not be under any obligation to verify or check the accuracy of such information unless it is specifically agreed in writing that we should do so.


Our fees and billing system is flexible and transparent regulated by the Advocates Remuneration and Taxation of Costs Rules SI 267-4.  Where permissible by the said rules we negotiate and agree with the client on the formulation of a fees structure.

Sums incurred by Oscar Associated Advocates on your behalf such as stamp duty, search fees, agents fees and all other disbursements/will be chargeable in addition, as will expenses incurred in faxes, telexes, couriers, telephone calls and copying.

Quotation and estimates do not include Value Added Tax unless expressly stated.

Any estimates of costs are given for guidance only on the basis of information known to Oscar Associated Advocates and are not to be regarded as quotations.


Oscar Associated Advocates bills are due and payable on delivery.


At the end of the matter the file will be stored for a reasonable period free of charge.  However, a reasonable charge may be made for storing any document in safe custody, on retrieving the file from storage at your request and for supplying copies of any documents.


Oscar Associated Advocates will have the right to cease work and determine our retainer by giving you written notice at your last known address in the event that any bill remains unpaid for more than one month after delivery.


It is the policy of Oscar Associated Advocates to investigate complaints and expression of dissatisfaction fully and promptly.  If you have a complaint relating to the implementation of your instructions, you raise this in the first instance with the person dealing with the matter and if you are dissatisfied with his or her response, you should raise the matter with the Partner responsible.


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