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A certificate program offers particular instruction in a defined field. The program length ranges from a few months to a year, incorporating fundamental principles in the field and classroom. It also provides opportunities to translate knowledge to related professions.

What is a certificate in business management? This certificate program emphasizes theoretical business knowledge through exposure to strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and accounting. You'll learn valuable skills helpful for achieving your professional and personal goals and advancing your career. Coursework may include business ethics, principles of accounting, organizational behavior, business and technical writing, and microeconomics. With the right training, students can acquire new knowledge and learn additional skills about business management.

There are many reasons why students choose to enroll in a certificate program. Some include improving their personal and professional confidence and providing exposure to new approaches and ideas. Earning a certificate may also result in increased salary potential.

The cost for certificate programs varies from school to school. It is based on the course of study, the length of the program, and the country of study. Prospective students should research certificate options carefully to ensure they chose the one that aligns with their goals and objectives.

Students with a business management certificate tend to find a variety of opportunities across a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as pharmaceutical, construction, retail, education, and health care. Potential jobs include operations manager, administrative assistant, retail store manager, sales manager, and human resources manager. Some individuals choose to further their education and enroll in advanced education and training related to a particular industry.

We offer:

  • Business Administration
  • Certificate in accounts
  • Certificate in business language and customer care
  • Certificate in languages (French, Kiswahili and English)

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